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Pond Update

The following is a status update on MHA pond activities:

· The rainstorm from last week resulted in a lot of silt washing down into the pond as shown by the 3 attached pictures. While some silt came from the school ann Prairie Winds, the majority came from the arbors due to a silt fence that wasn’t extended far enough. I talked with a city engineer at the site (Chase?) who agreed with me and contacted the developer. The fence is extended and I believe will solve most of this particular problem.

· There is still some silt flowing into pond today (Weds June 21.) Most of it is coming from the east end of Prairie Winds where an open area is used to store dirt and rocks. There is no silt fence across the entrance to this area. The Board will contact Prairie Winds and/or the city to get a silt fence installed.

· We got a city “complaint” letter from thistles growing at the MHOA retention pond. They’ve been sprayed twice and I believe most are dying. The city was told that Prairie Winds is to maintain the pond, but the letter was sent to the property owner. There are untreated thistles in the pond by Ironwood and Vera Way – Prairie Winds was sent a compliance letter.

· We bought pond algaecide and weedkiller to allow us to spray the weeds ourselves instead of paying $2000 + annually to have it done. We’re still working to determine if there’s neighborhood volunteers to do this about 5 times from spring through fall.

· I’ve contacted Blackhawk Electrical. They’ve completed the work adding a photo-eye switch on the entrance lights so they’re not on 24x7. I’ve authorized them to complete the electrical work for our new pond aeration pump, but haven’t heard a completion date yet. The pond aeration tubes and outlets will then be installed. We will ask for volunteers and access to some sort of paddleboat or rowboat to complete the installation.

· The old windmill head and pump has been hauled to Alter metal recyclers. The big metal pole will be easy to take down if we wish to, but it will take a oxy-acetylene cutting torch to cut it into haulable pieces. I’m going to just leave it there if no objections.   

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